Seraah and History


In this course, you’ll be able to study the biography of the exemplary character and the best of human beings, prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
There is no better role model you can follow in all his words and deeds than prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and that’s why Allah (SWT) asked us in the Holy Quran to follow him.
For more benefit, you’re going to learn more about history. We’re going to highlight the significant events in this universe from the creation of the prophet Adam (PBUH) until now, depending mainly on the Quran and authentic hadith. Allah ordered us in the Holy Quran in many verses to consider, observe and take lessons from the previous nations, as history is repeating itself and the principles Allah is dealing with in this whole world; are the same as Allah said in the Holy Quran:
“You shall not find any alteration in Allah’s way (of dealing); you shall not find any change in Allah’s course (of commerce). “
So, studying history is a source of increasing faith, wisdom, balancing things, and safety in different challenging situations and challenges in our life.

Pre-Course Requirements
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