Why Learning Quran Online Is Perfect for You?

Learning Quran Online With Bonyan Academy A Great Article about the Benefits.
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If you are still hesitant about the whole thing of learning Quran online, this blog post is all you need to make up your mind.

It is a new era, where almost anything can be learned Online. The Quran is NO exception! You are no longer restricted to the four walls of the madrassas. Here is an excellent chance to access good quality education, Alhamdulilah, from the comfort of your home, pay fewer tuition fees, and enjoy flexibility in your schedule. You can do that with a smart device and a reliable internet connection.

Five reasons to learn Quran Online

Offline Vs. Online Quran Learning

We can assembly the reasons in 5 main categories, which are:

  1. Accessible worldwide.
  2. Flexible.
  3. More comfortable.
  4. Cost-effective.
  5. Offers a free trial.

Learning Quran Online Is Accessebile WorldWide.

The most significant advantage of learning the Quran Online is its worldwide accessibility. All you need to start learning is a smart device and a stable internet connection… And that’s it!

Online Quran classes for kids. In western countries like the UK, Canada, and the USA, many Muslim fathers strive to teach their kids Quran. However, they do not have access to local Quran Learning classes.
Online, things are pretty different: Anyone, Alhamdulilah, can access high-quality ways to learn the Quran online, made by the best Native Arab teachers and tutors, without moving a single step. With that being said, a simple search will give you access to several Online Quran classes for kids.

Learning Quran is Flexible

Comfortable, Flexible and easy quran class with Bonyan Acadmy
Learning Quran is Flexible

Nowadays, men and women are busy almost all the time! Unfortunately, traditional learning classes in a Mosque or Islamic Center do not offer flexible learning hours. This is a significant reason why so many people opt for learning Quran Online.

  • Self-paced

What does that mean?  Let’s look at this example: say you are on the path of memorizing the whole Quran, and you got this big project that you must finish in 6 weeks. The chances you cannot commit to your learning schedule are very high. After completing your project, you want to resume learning but feel extremely overwhelmed with all you missed.

This struggle comes to an end with Online learning, Alhamdulilah. Going online offers you flexibility and freedom as you are not obliged to attend live sessions. You can access the materials at any time, and decide to, for example, memorize 2 pages this week, and downsize to half a page the following week.

  • One-to-One lesson

You cannot say enough good things about one-to-one lessons. Although they may cost you more money, it is definitely worth it.

Keep in mind that

You are saving time: In many cases, your pace is faster than the group. So, You might feel bored, wasting time, and not exploring your full potential.

You will never miss another session: Imagine you are sick, so you won’t show up to the session, nor will the instructor.

You will feel significantly less stressed: Let’s admit it. So many feel stressed when they recite their memorized part in front of a group. One-to-one Quran sessions offer a Low-stress environment where students everyone can feel confident and thrive in it.

  • Easy To Change Tutor

Choosing the right tutor is crucial in correctly learning/memorizing the Quran. Not all techniques are successful. Not all tutors are professional, and sometimes students don’t feel comfortable with their tutor.

All these problems don’t exist with Online classes because you can access a large pool of Quran tutors. You are always one step away from changing your tutor. Bonyan academy offers highly qualified tutors with an excellent reputation.

Online Quran Classes are more comfortable.

Do you remember school days when you have to sit on an uncomfortable chair for countless hours? Well, the suffering ends if you opt for Online lessons. You don’t have to compromise your comfort to memorize Allah’s precious words.
Imagine this; you are sitting on your couch in the middle of the night, attending the day’s lesson via your Laptop. This is a good alternative for getting up early, getting dressed, and taking public or private transport. The list of conveniences goes on and on.
Note: Comfort is a double-edged sword that can cut both sides. Make sure not to get too comfortable, as you may not get the proper discipline. Instead, set up an inspirational study environment for yourself, and ensure it is a quiet place with reliable internet.

Learning Quran online is Cost-effective.

Online Quran programs are cheaper than those held in a traditional academy/ Madrassa:

  • If you live abroad.
    you will save a lot of money by hiring a Quran tutor from Egypt (The Top 1% of tutors) without compromising the learning quality!
    How so? $10/h is less than the minimum wage in the USA, UK, or Canada. However, the same amount is what a senior developer with a unique skill set and +5 years of experience gets in Egypt.
  • Online academies are generally cheaper.
    Because they don’t have to rent classrooms. So it’s a win-win situation.
  • You don’t have to pay for gas or public transport. Check Bonyan pricing system.

Learning Quran online comes with a free trial

Learn Quran Online easily with Bonyan Academy
Quran Verse: Surah Al-Qamar

Do you still need a little push to take action? This is where a free trial can be beneficial. Whenever you see a company offering a free trial, it demonstrates how confident they are.

Of course, not all Online Quran academies provide a free trial. We recommend you check the free trial offered by Bonyan Academy. 

Attending Online Quran classes is more convenient and cheaper as they take the learning experience beyond its four walls. This encourages many students (including our dear readers) to opt for online platforms when they want to learn reading Quran how to read and memorize the Quran.

However, succeeding in an online learning experience means you are a self-driven, result-motivated, and passionate learner, as it requires a lot of discipline. May Allah bless us with Patience and perseverance to memorize Quran and apply it to all parts of our lives.

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