How Long Does It Take To Finish Quran Reading?

How Long Does It Take To Finish Quran Reading
in your openion, How Long Does It Take To Finish Quran Reading
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Reading the Quran can take a lot of time, especially if you are not a native Arabic speaker, but it is one of the most crucial components of pleasing Allah.

The time you may spend to finish Quran reading is related to your level of expertise and how much effort and time you are willing to put in; that’s what we will discuss in this article.

Why Does Reading The Quran Take So Long?

Finish Quran reading can be challenging for many people for various reasons. 

First, it is written in Arabic, a challenging language to learn. 

Second, since most Muslims are non-Arabs, it takes time to read the entire Quran because it is challenging to read something rapidly in a language other than one’s own. 

Third, because Arabic is such a diversified language and the meaning can alter even slightly, it is essential to pronounce each letter precisely, which is challenging to do in a rush; that’s why we recommend studying with an online Quran school like Bonyan Academy.

The Barrier Of The Arabic Language

Finish Quran Reading Quickly with these tips
Finish Quran Reading Quickly with these tips

To finish Quran reading without taking so much time, first, you have to be able to speak Arabic, but how can you do that?

  • Concentrate on Useful Quranic Words

If you want to study Arabic so that you may finish Quran reading, start with the words that are employed there. You will find many books meant for novices to learn classical Arabic that use a lot of vocabulary never used in the Quran.
Why waste time memorizing the Arabic term for science, mechanics, or astronomy if you want to understand the Quran? You can move on to that when you pass the fundamental level; the words are not going anywhere!

  • Frequently Used Words

Consequently, I advise employing a frequency list if you want results quickly. You have created a frequency list when you take all the words in a language and group them according to how frequently they are used. When you apply that to the Quran, you discover an incredible truth.

More than 50% of the words in the Quran can be understood if you can learn the meanings of the first 70 to 100 of them. Amazing, right?

You can find a lot of apps and tools that can help with the Quran’s frequently used words, so try them out and shorten the path to finish Quran reading quickly.

Time needed To Finish Quran Reading

what is the Time needed To Finish Quran Reading
what is the Time needed To Finish Quran Reading

Any literature can be read in a certain amount of time; whether it’s the Bible or the Koran, it all comes down to simple math. You may calculate the answer in minutes by entering the text’s length, dividing it by the typical word rate a reader can be anticipated to read, and pressing a few calculator buttons. 

If you divide it up a little more, you can express it in hours, days, years, or any other unit that suits your needs. The necessity for a human reader to take breaks, possibly reread a passage that didn’t fully register or the different aspects of life are not taken into consideration by mathematics. Keep in mind that there are differences between reading and studying.

On average, adults read 238 words per minute, and taking into consideration that the Quran has 77.5 thousand words; you will need five hours and a half to finish Quran reading.

Finish Quran Reading Quickly

Here is the proper procedure to learn the Quran quickly and easily. Keep in mind that you can begin taking the Quran lessons course anytime and learn everything you need to know to complete these procedures.

1.Learn To Read The Quran

You must first master the fundamentals of Quranic Arabic to finish Quran reading. These fundamentals include Quranic phonetics, the Arabic alphabet, diacritical marks, varieties of Arabic letters, and Quranic writing traits.

Note: With an online Quran school, things will be much easier.

2.Recite The Quran With Ease

After learning the principles of Quran recitation, you should learn how to recite the Quran by the Prophet Muhammad’s instructions more formally. You know the correct word and letter pronunciations, Quranic rhythm, and recitations during this crucial phase, among other things like the different recitations of the Quran.

3.Master Quranic Tajweed

One must be skilled in Tajweed to master the Quranic recitation. Tajweed comprises regulations and laws that must be adhered to for recitation to be beautiful and accurate.

To correctly recite the Quran, one must follow around 70 guidelines known as Tajweed. If you want to finish Quran reading correctly, you may quickly learn and put these guidelines into practice with the help of a qualified Tajweed tutor.

Quran is the closest thing to the instructions of God the Almighty, so contemplating its verses and wisdom is out of the question. Still, even if you want to finish Quran reading quickly, which can take about six hours, you can’t miss what miracles it contains, and I am sure that you will read it over and over.

Learning the language of the revelation of the Quran is vital to read Quran, so learn Arabic, and after that, you will find that Quran recitation is straightforward.

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