Do Online Quran Classes For Kids Help With Memorization?

Do Online Quran Classes For Kids Help With Memorization
How could Online Quran Classes For Kids Help them memorize?
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Are you looking for ways to memorize the Quran? You are in the proper location. These suggestions will make learning the Quran easier and more effective.

Thousands of adults, teenagers, and kids worldwide learn the Quran daily.

Allah, the All-Powerful, selected a group of Muslims and granted them special privileges; we should honor him and do what he ordered. So how can online Quran classes for kids help you to memorize the Quran?

Practical Tips To Memorize The Quran

What are the practical ways that can help with Quran memorization?

1. Online Quran Classes For Kids Advise You Read The Quran As Much As You Can

Advices for Online Quran Classes For Kids
Advices for Online Quran Classes For Kids

Memorizing the Quran means that you take ten good deeds for each letter! Did you know that? The number of letters in Surah Al-Fatihah is 139, meaning that every time you read it, your balance will increase with God Almighty’s will.

139 x 10 = 1390 good deeds, each of these good deeds are better than the entire world, just like our beloved Prophet Muhammad said many times in the hadith. 

2.Listening to Every Day Is What Online Quran Classes For Kids Recommend 

The most critical project someone can start is memorizing the Quran; It is a life-changing book!!

My first piece of advice on memorizing the Quran is to start by listening every day for as long as possible, and when you attend one of the Online Quran classes for kids to hear nothing more, you will advance.

This listening will make a change in the functioning of your brain because it has been proven by scientists that every sound the brain hears will make a change in its cells; therefore, repeating the words of God in your ears is the key to reprogramming your brain cells into God’s will unconsciously. 

But to get this full positive impact, you should listen to Quran carefully as God commanded us in Surah Al-A’raf verse number 204: “When the Quran is recited, listen to it attentively and be silent so that you may be shown mercy.”

3.Online Quran Classes For Kids Is Flexible and make you Start With The Surah You Like

Try to listen to the surah you like 10 or 20 times. When you finish that and begin memorizing it, you will find it familiar to you and simple to remember.

However, try to divide the surah into sections according to the linguistic meaning and start reading the first part many times until you finally memorize it. 

After that, please do the same thing with the second part until you learn it. Finally, continue doing this until you have memorized the entire surah. When you finish, start putting the verses together, and you’re done. 

A Note:
Every time you start to read the Quran, begin with this verse; you will feel more substantial in memorizing: “But this ˹Quran˺ is ˹a set of˺ clear revelations ˹preserved˺ in the hearts of those gifted with knowledge. And none denies Our revelations except the ˹stubborn˺ wrongdoers”. [Al-‘Ankabut: 49]

4.Listen While Sleeping

According to since, the brain stays active during sleep to process the information stored in its cells. After long research, it was found that while sleeping, the human brain can also distinguish which data to store. 

If you consider that you will spend a third of your life sleeping, why don’t you try to memorize the Quran without making any effort? This is you striking two birds with one stone: Resting plus memorizing the Quran. If that doesn’t work out for you, sign up for Online Quran Classes For Kids.

Spiritual Tips to Memorize The Quran

What are the spiritual ways that can help with Quran memorization?

1. Online Quran Classes For Kids Push You To Obey God Almighty

spiritual tips to successful Online Quran Classes For Kids
spiritual tips to successful Online Quran Classes For Kids

Why should you start this project? To achieve happiness, make God’s love your only intention and strive to obey him; having this intention will only make you halfway there. 

Try to imagine the virtues of memorizing the Quran and how it will change your life like those before you. 

Deep down in your heart, you must believe that God will make it easy for you to memorize the Quran, for He says:

“And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember. So is there anyone who will be mindful?” [Al-Qamar: 17].

2.Invest In The Energy Of Fasting

The body has specific levels of energy, that’s why fasting saves a large part of that energy; this means that your adequate power will be at its peak during fasting.

You can memorize the Quran quickly because the energy available will give you sufficient will.  A question frequently get asked in online Quran classes for kids is: 

Does this mean that the month of Ramadan is the most appropriate time to start memorizing the Quran? Yes, Ramadan divinity is out of discussion!! But you can fast any other day of the year you want or memorize without fasting.

3. Online Quran Classes For Kids Make Your Morals Be The Quran

When you memorize the Quran, you will have strength in your character because of the eloquence of the verses of the Quran; you will also become more able to deal with others in terms of endurance because memorizing the Quran is not like learning a poem or a novel.

In every verse you memorize or read, you learn the Quran as a way of thinking and behaving, and your morals will slowly change to Quran and God’s morals: 

  • Modesty
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Charity

In other words, you will be a better person in every aspect of humanity and existence!!

When our Messenger’s wife Aicha asked about the morals and character of Muhammad, may peace be upon him, she said :

(His character was the Quran)!! If you want your morals to be like the morals of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, then you must memorize the Quran, and if you have problems learning this Holy book, try Bonyan Academy because memorizing Quran online with them is as easy as breathing.

Online Quran classes for kids are an excellent alternative for those struggling with memorizing the Holy Quran. 

But don’t limit yourself to these tips because many other ways can help you memorize the Quran, like; writing down the verses, praying, and reading the explanation of verses. Try every way that suits you and change your life !

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