Read The Quran Correctly With Online Quran Learning

Read The Quran Correctly With Online Quran Learning
easy steps to Read The Quran Correctly With Online Quran Learning
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We are all working toward the same objective of correctly reciting the Quran; to be honest, this is not a simple task, but with the help of online Quran learning, you will discover the best techniques for reading the Quran quickly and accurately.

The most important thing you should remember is that Allah will forgive any errors you make with Quran classes online or on your own. 

Allah knows you are striving and will be rewarded, so don’t worry about reading a word incorrectly.

Online Quran Learning Tips For Reading Correctly

Online Quran Learning Tips
special Online Quran Learning Tips for easy learning

Quran memorization online is an effective way to read the Quran correctly, but what if you want to learn on your own?

The following are the best tips that you can use to read the Quran correctly:

  • Learn Tajweed

The first step in online Quran learning for reading the Quran correctly is to familiarize yourself with tajweed norms. To accurately read each letter, certain guidelines must be followed. The word “tajweed” itself refers to the process of beautifying or polishing something.

With Quran classes online for Tajweed, you can learn how to pronounce words correctly because each letter originates from a different part of the tongue.

Practically, all of the best online Quran classes free agree on the importance of Tajweed.

  • Consider Each Rule Individually

The application of all the tajweed rules at once will be distracting; therefore, avoid learning them all at once. Give yourself time to master each rule one at a time, then put what you’ve learned from online Quran learning into practice.

Instead of rushing, you will do this to give your brain the necessary time to comprehend and learn the rules properly, just like Quran lessons online do.

  • Slowly Recite The Quran

Understanding the Quran is the fundamental purpose of reciting it; therefore, read it carefully and deliberately. 

If you don’t understand the meaning of a verse or term, look it up; don’t skip it. You must recite slowly, concentrate on each word, and look up the meaning of any words you are unsure of; make sure to sit in a tidy peaceful area so that no one can disturb you with your online Quran learning.

  • Read a Brief Surah First

Quran memorization online always begins with small Surahs to motivate you because it will be difficult to continue after starting with a long Surah. Additionally, using the advice of the online Quran will be helpful for you.

  • Schedule Some Time

You should make time in your calendar to practice reading the Quran correctly. You must put in some time and effort with online Quran learning to learn how to recite the Quran correctly. You won’t be able to accomplish your goal if you’re unwilling to commit.

  • Listening To A Reciter

Quran memorization online will be easy if you listen to a reciter and read along with him to understand the tajweed rules better and improve your reading accuracy. Please pay attention to his reading style when he raises and lowers his voice.

The more you pay attention to how he pronounces each letter and word, the more proficient you become. You can pick from various reciters, including Saad El Ghamidi, Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, Mishary Rashid Al-afasy, and Abdul Basit Abdus Samad.

  • Learn The Meaning

Try to comprehend each verse as you read it; look up any words you don’t understand in the Quran’s translation.

Mistakes To Avoid during Online Quran Learning

Mistakes To Avoid during Online Quran Learning
what are the famous Mistakes To Avoid during Online Quran Learning

It’s difficult to read the Quran accurately, especially for those who don’t speak Arabic, and it’s not wrong to misread a word. Don’t be scared to make mistakes; Allah praises us for trying; you won’t be punished for not reading correctly, so keep trying, and over time, you’ll improve. 

These are some common mistakes when reading the Holy Quran:

1.The Confusion Of Light And Heavy Letters

The Arabic alphabet has two types of letters: heavy and light.

The number of heavy letters in the Arabic alphabet is seven. The back of the tongue, which is the deepest region, must be raised when saying these letters. The letters get heavier due to the increased space in the mouth, and online Quran learning classes can help you a lot with this task.

2.Long And Short Recital Mistakes:

One of the most common mistakes in online Quran learning is making the letter longer than it should be or shorter than it should be.

If you choose one of the best online Quran classes free, you will avoid this mistake.

3.Character And Sentence Errors

Fatha, kasra, dammah, soukoun, and shadda represent the way of pronouncing the words. Changing one of these will cause the letter to be pronounced differently, and most of the time, the meaning will also change.

With the help of online Quran learning programs that Bonyan Academy has, you will avoid this mistake.

4.Terminating Or Commencing A Recital (Waqf/Ibtida’):

This kind of error involves pausing or repeating a recital while inhaling, beginning a recital with a word that disrupts the grammar, pausing at a word that disrupts the language structure, pausing at a word that disrupts the particular meaning, pausing at the line from the last character, and starting a recital from the word that disrupts the particular meaning.

If you try to read the Quran correctly on your own, how would you know that you are doing the right thing? 

Your corrected mistakes with online Quran learning classes will be imprinted in your mind and never repeated, Inshaallah, and getting advice on how to enhance your recitation to speed up the process is also a great advantage. 

Yes, listening to audios can occasionally help you accurately read the Quran and sharpen your skills, but there is no guarantee that you will comprehend every point of articulation and other Tajweed criteria, and therefore, Quran lessons online are essential for reading the Holy Quran correctly.

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