Learning Quran for kids: What is the best age?

the best age to learn quran for kids
what is the best age to learn quran for kids?
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Many Muslim parents worldwide want nothing but to raise their kids to learn the Quran to guide them to the right path and for its great mental and moral benefits.

On the other hand, those parents don’t know the best age to start the Quran for kids or how to get them to memorize the Quran at such a young age.

But no worries, in the following sections, you can learn more about the Quran’s benefits for your kids. also know when to start their journey in learning the Quran.

Benefits of the Quran for kids 

what are the Benefits of the Quran for kids 
what are the Benefits of the Quran for kids?

The holy Quran is for all, be it a kid or an adult, as well as its benefits. And as a parent, it’s your responsibility to get your kid to learn the Quran and its rules cause there is nothing but the Quran that can make them good Muslims.

Therefore benefits of the Quran for kids are infinite, but I can sum up some of them as follow:

1- learning Quran makes your kids suitable Muslims as well as good human

As the saying goes, “learning in childhood is just as engraving on the stone,” so anything the kids learn at an early age remains for the rest of their life, as well as learning the Quran for kids.

The Quran has many morals and values which will shape your kid into a good human and a good Muslim. Also, Quran will teach them how to apply Islam manners in their lives wisely, so When life starts to feel rocky, learning Quran can serve as a foundation to weather the storm.

In short, whatever children learn at a young age will influence their brain development and capacity. Therefore, adults who live around children must be aware of this.

And they should support their kids to achieve optimal results in their physical and mental development by giving them appropriate ways or techniques to teach and memorize the holy Quran.

2- learning Quran for kids instills a love for Allah and the prophet Mohamed P.B.U.H

Learning Quran for kids opens the door for them to learn more about Islam and gives them a better understanding of the commands of Allah. Therefore as a parent, you should lead their way to understand the Quran and apply it in their life.

For instance, if you want your kids to pray, don’t tell them you have to pray or you’ll get to hell; otherwise, introduce the Quran for them and highlight the verses that command Muslims to pray and show them how Allah Will greatly reward them for doing prayer.

Also, learning the Quran for your kids instills the love of the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him), whose life was only for his Ummah.

His love for us was infinite as on the day of judgment when parents and every close relation would refuse to help us. The prophet Mohamed P.B.U.H would be our only shelter and request Allah to Pardon his Ummah.

Therefore there is nothing better than shaping your kids on the morals and ethics of the Quran at a young age, and you will observe the fruitful results in their later age and on the day of judgment.

3- Learning Quran for kids improve their capabilities and mental thinking 

The holy Quran has many stories and life situations that encourage kids to use their abilities to analyze and evaluate what they read to critically develop an effective and suitable response making them more creative and efficient Muslims.

Furthermore, Quran’s writing style and language improve your kid’s reading ability, unlike other writing nowadays that pop culture introduces to children with no benefits but wasting their time.

On the other hand, Memorizing the Quran for kids makes memorizing and learning different things much easier, and you’ll feel their minds opening and becoming sharper due to the blessing in the Quran.

When to start learning the Quran for kids?

No one can tell the suitable age to start learning the Quran for children or when to enroll in courses to learn Quran online classes for kids due to the variations in mental ability from one child to another.

Some children have excellent reading and retention abilities from a young age, while others may struggle to read or forget what they read until they’re a little older. 

And as their parents, you have the best knowledge of whether it’s time for your child to learn the Quran. However, we found that the best age to start learning the Quran for kids is three years old when the child’s mind is alert, his memorizing faculties are pure, and his ability to imitate is strong.

Tips for learning the Quran For kids?

Tips for learning the Quran For kids?
Tips for learning the Quran For kids? and When to start learning the Quran for kids?

After we know the importance of the Quran for kids, it’s time to learn some tips to learn the Quran online for kids.

1-Start with Arabic basics

Mastering Arabic basics is a crucial step to learning the Quran online for kids with tajweed, so we have to give it due attention and time, such as the Arabic alphabet, to be able to read words and sentences.

2- Tell Quranic Arabic stories to kids

Quranic Arabic Stories are the key to exciting your children to learn more about the Quran through many valuable stories from previous civilizations, and the lifestyle of prophets.

Storytelling makes the Quranic Arabic stories more exciting and engages your kids more in the learning process.

3- Get online Quran classes for kids

Fortunately, there are many online Quran classes for nearly all ages and levels, which give you much more flexibility to choose what suits your kids best.

In this regard, Bonyan academy Quran online school provides free online resources and online Arabic classes taught by licensed instructors.

4- Hire an online Quran tutor

A Quran tutor is highly recommended for your kids, so they can help them memorize and recite the Quran perfectly; thus, choose your Quran tutor very carefully.

And it will be much better if you get online Quran classes for kids with native Quran tutors, so if this feels like you, try Bonyan Academy to learn Quran online for kids with the best hifz plans.

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