5 Ways to recite Quran beautifully in a short time

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An important reason to Recite Quran beautifully with the appropriate tones allows you to read the Quran with heart, so you give it the due respect it deserves and brings you even closer to Allah.

So if you want to recite the Quran beautifully but don’t know how to start, or heard the melodious recitation of the Quran and want to recite it perfectly the way it should be recited, You are in the right place. 

Steps to Recite Quran beautifully

steps tp recite quran
Steps to Recite Quran beautifully

There are several steps for doing so; if you can follow them, you’ll be able to recite Quran beautifully

1- Understand what you’re reading to recite Quran beautifully

First, if Arabic isn’t your native language, you need to learn Quranic Arabic to get the exact meaning and message of the Quran.

Although it might take some time to learn and understand Quranic Arabic, once you complete this step, I assure you you will take no time to recite the Quran beautifully and correctly.

In short, you need to know the following tips to recite Quran beautifully and perfectly:

  • Study Arabic Basic grammar so you can create small, basic sentences, then step by step, you can get complete sentences and start understanding their meaning.
  • Try to get used to specific terminology of the Quran, which is repeated several times in the Quran, but not usually used by people, so spare some of your time to learn it.
  • Translate the Quran into your native language to get a better understanding of the Quran.

Otherwise, see our Arabic learning online program at Bonyan Academy Quran online school, which provides free online resources and online Arabic classes taught by licensed instructors.

2- Listen to the recitation of your favorite Qāri (reciter)

Choose one of your favorite Quran reciters who recite the Quran beautifully and listen to him daily; this way, you’ll be rewarded inshallah for listening to the Quran; meanwhile, you’ll get familiar with the correct Pronunciation of the Quran.

And whatever the means you use to listen to the Quran online (mobile, laptop, or tv), make sure to listen carefully and follow their recitation, then note how they recite, what letters they stress, and how they melodize their reading to recite Quran melodiously.

Also, you can make records for yourself while reciting the Quran. Listening to your records brings your attention to mistakes so that you can fix them and get to improve your recitation.

3- Practice daily to recite Quran beautifully 

practice daily for better quran reciting
Practice daily to recite Quran beautifully

Practice does wonders. Constant practice is required in knowing the right way to recite the Quran, If you can remember the first advice given to the prophet Mohamed P.b.U.H was “Recite,” so make sure to keep reciting the Quran as possible as you can.

So to assess your progress over a predetermined amount of time, you need to set clear goals to improve your recitation.

Especially if Arabic is not your native language or you don’t live in an Arabic-speaking country where you aren’t exposed to the language frequently.

You can also practice to recite Quran beautifully during the five prayers daily, which is already obligatory worship you have to perform.

4- Get Quran recitation online courses.

You can enroll in many Quran online courses to help you read and recite Quran beautifully. The learning process will involve professional Quran tutors with special training and certified licenses to teach the Quran correctly.

For instance, a professional Quran tutor can tell whether your recitation is artificial or not. Also, he can help correct all tajweed mistakes, So having them around will make the learning process much more manageable. Eventually, this practice will help you recite Quran beautifully and properly as it should be.

5- Learn Tajweed rules to recite Quran beautifully 

Tajweed or elocution is an Arabic word that means “to perfect, to beautify or to make something better,” It is a familiar word to those who have learned to recite Quran.

And it should be noted that tajweed learning wasn’t a big deal at the time of revelation,as all Arabs spoke in tajweed, but back in that time different signs and dots had to be added on some letters to help non-Arabs who joined Islam to recite the Quran with tajweed.

So Tajweed is a set of rules and proper characteristics used to help Muslims recite the Quran as the prophet Mohamed P.B.U.H used to recite it and ensure that the message wasn’t distorted by mistake.

So to recite the Quran beautifully, you need to have enough knowledge about tajweed rules as follows:

  • Learn Proper Pronunciation of letters

The holy Quran consists of more than 6000 verses with numerous letters, and each letter has its unique sound and different Pronunciation, which aid in proper recitation.

And to recite Quran beautifully, you need to know how to articulate the words like they should be uttered in the Arabic language; then, you’ll be able to form a word properly as a start.

  • Learn Arabic heavy and light letters

In Arabic terminology, Heavy letters (خ – ص- ض – غ – ط – ق – ظ), which are pronounced with a heavy accent or as a result of squeezing one’s voice, are known as the Tafkheem letters.

And the rest of the letters, except for (ا – ل – ر), are always light and are pronounced usually without pharyngealization and are called light letters or Tarqeeq letters.

  • Control your breath and learn when to pause and breathe

You might have noticed that most professional reciters take some pauses to pronounce certain letters or add rhythm to another. All of these are important to recite Quran beautifully with tajweed.

So you need to follow specific rules for all letters in the Quran like ( Izhaar, Idghaam, Iqlaab, and Ikhfaa) which mean (showing, merging, converting, and hiding).

Also, you need to learn how to control breathing, pause, and when to stop the recitation at the right time to improve your Quran recitation online.

So in this regard, Bonyan Academy got your back, providing the best Quran recitation online courses under the direction of a professional and certified Quran tutor with an Ijazah; it also offers free online resources and online Arabic classes for non-Arabic speakers.

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