What is the meaning of Ramadan Kareem? and why is it important for Muslims?

let's discuss the meaning of Ramadan Kareem
let's discuss the meaning of Ramadan Kareem
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Ramadan is the month that is eagerly awaited by all Muslims around the world when they are preparing themselves to make the most of it.

In this blessed month, the doors of heaven are opened and the doors of hell are closed with a rain of forgiveness and mercy for all Muslims.

 Ramadan is coming soon, and many people (Muslims and non-Muslims) will hear the word “Ramadan Kareem ” more often, so let’s discuss its meaning in Islam and why Ramadan is very important for Muslims. 

What is the meaning of Ramadan Kareem in English?

what is the actual meaning of Ramadan Kareem in English
what is the actual meaning of Ramadan Kareem in English

Many of us may ask: what do I suppose to say to someone who celebrates Ramadan? Or is it correct to say Ramadan Kareem to non-Muslims?

Well, Ramadan Kareem means (generous Ramadan for you), it’s new to our era, it wasn’t used in old Islam times.

Some people see it’s wrong, as Ramadan is a month, because you obviously cannot describe a month with generosity, and you can’t say it’s generous to its people, as it isn’t the one who gives, but Allah (S.W.T) who gives and he is who’s very generous and merciful.

Some others think the complete opposite of the above, they think it’s the month of generosity, as Allah opens the gates of the heavens so that our Duaa’s are granted, and Allah doubles our ‘Good deeds’ Ten times!

And whether Muslims know each other or not, they celebrate Ramadan with each other and wish Ramadan Kareem to each other. Also, non-Muslims can welcome the holy month of the Islamic world using these greeting words if they want.

This month can be the way to bind people together and strengthen brotherhood and friendship with no resentment.

Why is Ramadan so important for Muslims?

Ramadan is extremely important for Muslims since it is their holy month of fasting. Muslims see this month as the time of the year when they cleanse themselves from sins and get themselves together.

 Also, it is time to start following the Islamic rules and doing the things that they are supposed to do like reading the Quran.

For that, Muslims welcome this holy month with enthusiasm, and all houses are decorated with happiness. Starting from waking up for Suhoor till preparing Iftar after Maghrib, all families share Ramadan Kareem wishes with each other.

And as it is said “Ramadan Kareem”, there are numerous spiritual and social benefits of Ramadan we need to know:

1. Strengthen the social bond

In Ramadan, it is recommended for Muslims to offer food at the time of breaking fast after Sunset for other Muslims. The prophet Muhammad advises us to give Iftar to the fasting People, and we will be rewarded like them.

Also in this holy month don’t forget to wish Ramadan Kareem to all your relatives and friends.

2. Having sympathy for the poor

Fasting during Ramadan makes us experience the feeling of poor people, who are not able to afford food all year. So having sympathy for them is not enough, we also need to help them, and remember to be grateful to Allah (S.W.T) for everything we have.

3. Having many good deeds

In Ramadan the devils are chained up, so you can see many Muslims are ready to do their best to help others in this holy month.

Also, we don’t say Ramadan Kareem not only for us, but Also we should be generous to other people.  Although this act should be done in general, doing it during Ramadan is recommended as the reward is doubled.

4. Ramadan is the best time for Zakat

Ramadan Kareem is generous for all of us until it ends, as it allows us to work together to fulfill another important pillar of Islam: Zakat.

As it is a time filled with many opportunities to gain blessings from Allah (S.W.T). So we found many Muslims worldwide are competing to give Zakat or “Sadaqah” in this holy Month.

5. Have the chance to observe “Laylatul Qadr”

Many Muslims gather together especially towards the last ten nights of the holy month of Ramadan to observe “Laylatul Qadr”, the night of power.

This night is considered to be the holiest night of the year, so it is the ideal time to pray more, recite Quran, and give more Zakat to the community.

What is the purpose of Ramadan?

Define the purpose of Ramadan
Define the purpose of Ramadan

The purpose of Ramadan is to Master yourself by controlling and maintaining your soul bringing out the best of you.

  • Controlling your mind

In Ramadan, you can control your mind from all negative thinking that can reduce your rewards, maintain your mind to always remember

Allah. Controlling your brain from doing anything considered a sin or reducing your rewards in Islam. One scientific study found that fasting sharpens your brain.

  • Controlling your heart

 You must maintain your faith and belief in Allah. There are many “heart diseases” that can rot and harden your heart such as arrogance, envy, spite, Excessive pride, prejudice, truth denial, and the worst is a Locked Heart.  your heart cannot accept clues from God, deny all religious things, deny God, and away from God.

  • Controlling your Stomach

 Your stomach is a source of power for all of your body, if you cannot control and maintain it, it can harm all of your body. One of the famous quotes said that “you are what you eat”, meaning that what you eat makes a big influence on you. 

In Ramadan, you’re trained to control your appetite by fasting and controlling your diet. It also controls and maintains your nutrition, because, in Ramadan, you only eat pre-dawn and after Iftar.

I know many of you would say the Ramadan Kareem, and we will eat what we want. But you must eat food with the most nutrition to maintain your body for 24 hours. 

One scientific study found that intermittent fasting (IF) could have a very beneficial impact on your health and longevity.

Finally, I can say Ramadan Kareem for everyone, and I hope these holy days give us blessings and happiness, and may Allah accept our worship and sincerity this month.

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