Why To Read Quran: The Glorious Morals

the glorious direct and indirect morals on how to read Quran
the glorious direct and indirect morals on how to read Quran
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The Holy Quran is a manual for all humankind. It educates us about our religious responsibilities, what we owe to Allah and others, what is and isn’t permissible in our faith, and other things.

Muslim parents should prioritize teaching their children the Quran, even in online Quran classes for kids, as part of their Islamic upbringing so that from an early age, their behavior and manners would be consistent with the teachings of the Quran. If you want to know why to read Quran, the following morals will convince you. 

It is a book that has been divinely revealed and offers lessons and morals on all facets of life. Additionally, the Noble Quran is filled with numerous precepts on how people should behave. As Muslims, we must uphold Islamic morality and conduct ourselves as Allah commands in the Quran.

Direct morals on why to read Quran

here are the Direct morals on why to read Quran
here are the Direct morals on why to read Quran

When you read the noble Quran, like any other book, the author will try to deliver some points or a perspective; So why to read Quran, and what are the direct morals you can get from reading Quran?

1.Be humble

Allah chastises Satan for his arrogant behavior of disobeying Him and refusing to bow to Adam because Satan thought himself superior in Surah Al-A’raf of the Quran, which is about manners. The haughty Satan was expelled from Paradise by Allah.

Every Muslim should avoid arrogance at all costs and take special care never to act arrogantly since it is a horrible quality of the accursed Satan; that’s why to read Quran. Join one of the programs of Bonyan Academy.


Allah orders the faithful to refrain from lying and worshiping impure idols in Surah Al-Hajj. Being dishonest is abhorrent in Islam. In Arabia, our Prophet (PBUH) was revered for his honesty and dependability.

One of the noblest qualities a believer may have is honesty, and believers should never engage in dishonest behavior. Why to read Quran? Because Quran makes you honest.

3.Be forgiving

Allah commands the believers to forgive and forget in Surah An-Nur. Then he asks us if we do not want his forgiveness. This verse from the Quran emphasizes the value of showing mercy and forgiveness to others because, in the end, we are all in need of Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. The answer to why to read Quran is that Quran makes you merciful. 

4.Speak politely 

Allah expresses gratitude in Surah Ali ‘Imran for the Prophet’s (PBUH) lack of uncivil speech. This demonstrates that practicing excellent manners requires being nice.

We should always avoid being impolite and behave nicely. In contrast to rudeness, which can turn people away from Islam, good manners are more likely to attract people to it, and that’s why to read Quran.

5.Treat others well

Allah commands Muslims to treat their parents and relatives kindly in Surah An-Nisa. Orphans, the poor, needy people, neighbors, friends, and other people are all included in his list of people we should be kind to.

Why to read Quran? Because we should take note of this component of moral behavior and constantly be kind to others. Join Bonyan Academy if you want to make yourself a better person.

Indirect morals on why to read Quran

here are the Indirect morals on why to read Quran
here are the Indirect morals on why to read Quran

When you read the noble Quran, you will notice that God the Almighty is delivering some morals, So why to read Quran? And what are the indirect morals you can get from reading Quran?

We shouldn’t be spies or gossip

Allah warns believers in Surah Al-Hujurat not to snoop on or gossip about one another. One of the most significant passages in the Quran about morals is this one. He compares this horrible act to eating the flesh of a deceased brother.

Of course, no believer would ever want to do something as disgusting as eat his dead brother’s flesh. Sadly, backbiting is still relatively common in today’s environment, even online. Muslims must be careful to avoid committing this dreadful sin and must never be complacent about it.

Why to read Quran? To stick to your commitments

Many actions are declared righteous in Surah Al-Baqarah. One of these specific acts of righteousness is keeping a pledge. Being honest and reliable fundamentally involves keeping your word.

The Prophet (PBUH) was the epitome of honesty and dependability; he honored all of his commitments. Promises should never be broken, and doing so is dishonest and goes against Islamic beliefs.

Do not belittle people

In Surah Al-Hujurat, Allah commands individuals not to make fun of others. They may be inferior to those they are mocking. It is inappropriate for people to belittle or call each other offensive names.

These are some examples of politeness that are frequently disregarded or minimized. They may lead to hate, conflict, and resentment. We should always exercise caution to avoid offending people, and that’s why to read Quran.

Islam’s code of morality covers every facet of a Muslim’s life, and many others, from greetings to intergovernmental interactions. In terms of both its reach and its applicability, it is universal.

A Muslim must practice virtue and encourage others to do likewise, starting with their kids by putting them in online Quran classes for kids. 

They must abstain from wrongdoing and sin and take an active role in urging others to do the same. In other words, they must not only be ethically sound but also contribute to society’s overall moral health. Why to read Quran? How about changing the world?

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