6 Easy Tips to Learn How to speak Arabic fluently

Tips to Learn How to speak Arabic fluently
Tips to Learn How to speak Arabic fluently
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With more than 274 million speakers worldwide, Arabic has become one of the most important languages in the world. However, Arabic can present unique challenges for native English speakers that can slow the learning process.

Luckily, it is not as hard as it sounds. You need to follow these tips to learn how to speak Arabic fluently in no time. We will also guide you to the best Arabic-speaking course now so stay tuned.

Is it hard to learn how to speak Arabic?

how to speak Arabic and is it hard?
how to speak Arabic and is it hard?

Regarding difficulty, Arabic is usually considered one of the most languages to learn in the world.

Or at least that’s the idea, but it also can present some challenges for a native speaker of English or romance speaker like:

  • There is no shared vocabulary between Arabic and English language.
  • Arabic has no vowels except for some letters, compared to English, which is a vowel language.
  • Arabic is written from right to left.
  • The Arabic Alphabet is way different in pronunciation, conjugation, and vocalization.

So Arabic is a foreign language to English speakers in every sense of the word. Fortunately, anyone can learn how to speak Arabic quickly through the following steps.

Steps to learn how to speak Arabic

what are the Steps to learn how to speak Arabic
what are the Steps to learn how to speak Arabic

Learning to speak any language is the basic concept of fluency, so having good Arabic pronunciation is crucial to learning how to speak Arabic well.

So if you are eager to learn how to speak Arabic, you need to have good pronunciation to be understood so that you can communicate and make conversation in Arabic easily.

Also, good pronunciation improves your communication skills, allowing you to express your deeper though and ideas better. So to perfect your Arabic pronunciation, you need to master the following:

1- learn the Arabic Alphabet 

If you want to know how to speak Arabic, you need to start with its origin, the Alphabet. Arabic has a different writing system than English and other European languages:

  • There are 28 letters in the Arabic Alphabet.
  • Arabic letters and texts are written horizontally from right to left in a cursive way.
  • Some sounds in the English Alphabet can’t be found in the Arabic Alphabet, and vice versa.
  • Arabic letters change in its shape depending on their position in a word.

2- Get familiar with the Arabic sounds

The songs of Arabic may sound daunting at first, especially if you are an English speaker. But once you learn the Arabic Alphabet, you will take no time to get used to it.

Also, most sounds in Arabic are found in English and vice versa, for example:

  • The Arabic ba (ب) sounds precisely like the b in English.
  • The Arabic zay (ز) sounds just like the z in English.
  • Arabic versions of the letters( k, m,n, f, j) are ( ج, ف, ن, م, ك) in the same order.

Sound tough, huh? Don’t worry; we have your back here at Bonyan Academy, where you can learn how to speak Arabic with the best Arabic-speaking course and many Arabic classes online for you and your kids.

3- decide which form of Arabic you want to start with

Arabic is the official language of twenty-five countries, so there are distinct Arabic dialects worldwide. So if you’re planning to stay in one area, deciding which variation pertains to that area is better.

And the best way to learn how to speak Arabic is to start with Modern standard Arabic. This dialect is the language of the Quran and early Islamic literature that is relatively uniform throughout the Arab world.

It is also the official language of 22 Arab countries and has now become one of the official languages of the united nations.

4- know how to speak Arabic by learning Arabic vocabulary

This step is essential to master Arabic pronunciation so you can learn how to speak Arabic quickly. Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule in studying, where 80% of the results come from 20% of your efforts?

So if you learn 20% of Arabic vocabulary, you can easily join Arabic conversation by 80%. Here are some of the most common phrases you’ll need to know in Arabic:

  • Kaifa haloka, means ” how are you”?
  • Esmee means “my name is”.
  • La afham means “I don’t understand”.
  • Ana bekhair, shokran, means “I’m fine, thanks.

5- Record yourself speaking Arabic

Recording yourself is a great tip to improve the Arabic alphabet pronunciation so you can speak Arabic well.  It’s very beneficial when you can detect your weakness in a particular letter or pronunciation and focus on that part. You can also compare your Arabic recording to a local Arabic pronunciation for a better learning experience.

5- join Arabic classes online

You can now learn how to speak Arabic fluently from the comfort of your home through Arabic classes online provided by many websites dedicated to learning Arabic.

So if you can, enroll now in the best Arabic-speaking course with native Arabic tutors at Bonyan Academy. Where you can learn Arabic, whatever your level is.

6- learn how to speak Arabic by listening to it

One of the most critical steps to mastering how to speak Arabic is listening, where you can get used to the sound of the language. Listen to native Arabic speakers’ talks, so you can better understand the rhythm of the language. You can try one of the following listening exercises:

  • Watch Arabic TV shows:
    You can listen to plenty of Arabic TV shows and entertainment, where you can have the chance to listen to a real conversation between Arabic native speakers and get more understanding of Arabic.
  • Sing Arabic songs:
    This exercise will give you an excellent grasp of the rhythm and melody of the Arabic language. You can start with folk songs that would be easy to listen to and sing yourself.
  • Listen to Arabic podcasts:
    Podcasts are usually short and casual, offering brief lessons that are easy to understand. There are loads of Arabic podcasts for all levels. 

So, whatever how hard the Arabic language is, there is always a way to master it, depending on how much work you are willing to give, and eventually you will learn how to speak Arabic fluently insha’Allah.

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