Various Forms of Tafseer Quran

what are the Various Forms of Tafseer Quran?
what are the Various Forms of Tafseer Quran?
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Because the Quran is the word of Allah Almighty, a person must refine his intellectual aptitude as well as increase his knowledge to know how to understand Quran honestly. Only when a person reaches a certain academic level may he begin to comprehend the genuine meaning of Tafseer Quran.

Even for Muslims, understanding the Quran is still challenging; the classical Arabic language and the book’s majesty push us all to understand the Quran correctly. So what are the main types of Tafseer?

Tafseer Quran bil Riwaya (Tafsir bi’l-Ma’thur)

Tafsir Quran bi'l-Ma'thur
Tafsir Quran bi’l-Ma’thur

This type of Tafseer explains Quranic verses using several transmission sources. These sources are the verses of the Quran themselves, wherein clarification is accomplished by citing other verses from the Quran that deal with the same topic.

The Prophet’s (PBUH) traditions are a second source that provides insight into the meaning of Quranic verses through what He said and did. Thirdly, it is the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) explanations of Quranic texts.

When reading the Quran, it can happen that a reader will come across a statement that is unclear and will wish to look for an explanation. The Quran itself is the perfect response in this regard because everything that is mentioned in one section of the Quran is also mentioned in another area. 

One can therefore get answers to any questions by relating such ayahs. Tafseer Quran is significant for many reasons, the following are the importance of Tafsir significance:

1.Tafseer Quran increases your knowledge

To increase the reader’s knowledge of the Quran and its message, it first strives to explain the Quran. The literal meanings of the Quran’s words may only be understood by reading the explanation; nevertheless, Tafseer provides the context in which each Ayah was revealed.

Providing sense to every single word and improving knowledge of the Quran and its verses. If you want to know how to start tafsir learning, enroll in one of the programs that Bonyan Academy provides.

2.Tafseer Quran creates a genuine bond with God

Allah’s closeness has been mentioned in several instances throughout the Quran, with the meaning being understood similarly as Allah is always with you. But even so, there are numerous ways to interpret “closeness to Allah.”

When a believer learns the numerous types of Tafsir Al Quran, their link with the Creator is much stronger than when reading the Quran without Tafsir. As a result, we are expected to remain upright and on the righteous road.

Tafseer Quran bil Ray (Tafsir bi’d-dirayah)

Tafsir Quran  bi'd-dirayah
Tafsir Quran bi’d-dirayah

This type of Tafseer is founded on ‘ijtihad,’ or argumentation, rather than on the transmission of knowledge. It’s essential to keep in mind that ijtihad does not imply rash or arbitrary conclusions; instead, it refers to the process of comparing texts, traditions, and sayings from the illustrious Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Scholars reason and arrive at a specific interpretation of the Quranic passages through this comparison and contrast. Tafseer Quran is significant for many reasons, the following are two crucial factors that contribute to Tafsir’s significance:

Tafseer Quran makes you understand the laws of God

Tafsir Al Quran plays a crucial role in eradicating Islamic law from the Quran. Instructions are provided in the verses of the Quran, and the Prophet (PBUH) also provides guidance in his hadiths. Tafsir thus combines both and gives the reader a comprehensive and clear set of instructions.

Tafseer Quran makes you understand the true meanings

Ambiguity and disagreement will undoubtedly increase when there is no scientific basis for the interpretation of the Quran. The likelihood of ambiguity and dispute is reduced when there is an agreed interpretation of how to understand Quran. As a result, there are fixed explanations rather than ambiguous interpretations.

Tafseer Quran bil-ishara

In Tafsir bil-ishara, the meanings of the concepts and ideas that are connected to the words and verses of the Qur’an are broken down in extensive detail.

Authors who have a predilection for mysticism are more likely to develop this type of tafsir. Those written by al-Razi and al-Khazin are considered to be the most well-known. Why Tafsser bil-ishara is important:

1.Concentrate and be humble during performing Salah

When someone performs Salah numerous times a day, they may be off. His interests, objectives, and problems may also occupy him.

This can be prevented if the petitioner knows the significance of each verse. This will help the person pray with khushoo and strengthen his relationship with Allah.

2.To help non-Arabs understand the Quran

Allah utilizes straightforward, smooth, and concise language in the Quran, and people who speak Arabic or descend from the Arabian dialect understand its meaning. Non-Arabs won’t understand the Quran as well. To this end, all Muslims must learn Tafsir.

Tafseer Quran is crucial for anyone who wants to understand the Holy Quran and its true meaning. With a Tafsir, a Muslim can connect the Quran, the Sunnah, and the sayings of the Prophet’s Companions (PBUH).

As well as the views of many scholars; as a result, their understanding of the Quran is deeper than that received just reading the translation. Use all sorts of Tafseer and any source you can discover; after that, the choice is yours.

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