What Are The Manners Of Quran Recitation?

What Are The important Manners Of Quran Recitation
What Are The important Manners Of Quran Recitation
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The Noble Quran is one of Allah Almighty’s most revered and sacred writings. The last Prophet, Muhammad, may peace be upon him, received the fourth and final heavenly manuscript over 23 years. It stands out among all other books since the Almighty Himself wrote it. The universe’s creator declares that He alone is the sole author of this beautiful revelation and will safeguard it. 

Reading these saintly instructions takes plenty of manners from us Muslims, and if you want to know the manners of Quran recitation, stick around.

The Quran wonders that, despite the passage of 1400 years, not a single letter or word in this holy book has been modified, in contrast to other religious texts that have undergone a gradual change. As a consequence, Muslim manners remained untouched.

General Manners Of Quran Recitation

what are the General Manners Of Quran Recitation
what are the General Manners Of Quran Recitation

There are some general guidelines you should follow if you want to know the manners of Quran recitation; the following are:

1.One of the manners of Quran recitation is sitting down

Because the All-Powerful Allah Himself revealed the Quran, one should sit respectfully when reading it to show respect. When carrying the Holy Quran, you should always take a caring stance to show respect.

2.Using the right hand is among the manners of Quran recitation

Be careful to hold the Quran in your left hand when you read it. The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) utilized his right hand when doing good deeds.

3.Read Quran without any distractions

Remove distractions from your environment before reading the Quran to avoid getting sidetracked, like using a phone or chatting with others. Remember that the devil generates all these distractions, so overcome them.

All online Quran classes for kids and adults recommend that students use a place that doesn’t have any distractions to comply with the manners of Quran recitation.

4.Don’t recite it in public places 

One should not repeat the Glorious Quran in public places like markets or pointless gatherings because it is a sacred text. Remember that Allah, the Almighty, mentions His good people and worshipers and thanks them for avoiding inconsiderate crowds.

5.Please do not use it in the bathroom 

One should not read any pieces of the Glorious Quran while using the restroom. The manners of Quran recitation emphasize reading outside the bathroom; why? Because a bathroom is a filthy place and Iblis (the devil) is always in such sites.

6.The manners of Quran recitation tell us not to disturb others by reciting

The Glorious Quran is holy; thus, one should not repeat it aloud in a way that may bother those who might object to what they hear.

Why should you read Quran without disturbing others? Because even the words of God can make people uncomfortable if they are recited in a loud, disturbing way, try to avoid that.

7.Avoid arguing with others regarding the various recitation styles 

The Glorious Quran is a sacred text; hence disagreements over how to recite it should be avoided simply because that’s not Muslim manners. Furthermore, one cannot tell another: “It is not like this!” Since it’s possible to defame the Book of Allah the Almighty by asserting that one particular method of recitation is correct and the other is not.

Specific Manners Of Quran Recitation

what are the Specific Manners Of Quran Recitation?
what are the Specific Manners Of Quran Recitation?

Of course, like any other religion, reading their books has a specific way of doing so, so what are the certain etiquettes of reading the Quran?

Wudu before reading

The Quran must only be touched with clean hands and body. That’s why wudu, or ablution, must be done first. Being physically clean is one of the manners of Quran recitation. Why? Because Wudu helps one achieve bodily purity, spiritual purity, and mental clarity.

Basmalah and Istiadhah are important manners of Quran recitation

Before starting to read the Quran, you should first and foremost recite Istiadhah and Basmalah, ask for the help of God against the devil, and help in reading Quran.

The translation of Istiadhah is as follows: “I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan.” “In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful” is how Basmalah is translated.

Read aloud slowly

Most beginners make the error of trying to read more quickly because they believe that doing so will improve their fluency.

This is not the case, though. There is a good likelihood that you will make mistakes when you try to recite the Quran quickly. To give the Quran its actual value, it is advisable to read it carefully or take online Quran classes for kids and adults.

Read Quran with Tajweed laws

Because Arabic is one of the most challenging languages in the world, and even the slightest pronunciation error can change the meaning of a verse, you must be cautious when reciting the Holy Quran; therefore, Tajweed is an integral part of the manners of the Quran recitation.

Follow the Quran’s instructions to the letter

The Holy verses of the Quran contain Sajdah marks that call for the reader to make a Sajdah each time they are read.When you read that particular verse, you must make a Sajdah because you might forget it later. Additionally, it is advised to pause as necessary while reading Quran verses.

In a nutshell, these were some of the highest ethics and etiquettes of the manners of Quran recitation, which must be fulfilled to pay the needed level of homage to the Noble Quran and understand it in the best way possible. 

In general, if you want to develop a self-conscience of reading the Quran with manners, you should always be respectful to God, his Prophet, and the noble Quran.

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