The ultimate beginner’s guide to Arabic learning online 

Arabic learning
The ultimate beginner's guide to Arabic learning online 
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Arabic learning is considered one of the most difficult process to do, yet it is the fifth most spoken language in the world. And a highly wanted language essential for understanding Islam, the world’s second-largest religion.

Of course, learning a new language is always a big step, but when the new language doesn’t have any roots in your native language it is the real challenge.

Especially Arabic which can present some challenges for native English speakers, As it uses an entirely different alphabet and grammar. Also, There’s almost no shared vocabulary between Arabic and Latin- based languages, so every single word in Arabic is a new word.

The good news is that you don’t have to travel to the Arab world to learn it.  Now you can master Arabic learning online from home through Arabic online classes and courses.

So let’s find out how to learn Arabic online, and be ready to learn Arabic’s best methods to read and speak it fluently.

Can l Learn Arabic online for free?

Arabic learing for free
Learn Arabic online for free

As a beginner, you can try some steps to follow to make your Arabic learning much easier.

Best ways to learn Arabic is as follows:

1.Choose the desired form of Arabic learning online

There are three common types of Arabic:

  • Classical or Islamic Arabic: used in ancient literature and writing.
  • Dialectical Arabic: the colloquial or informal language.
  • Modern standard Arabic: the formal language.

So there are different accents and varieties in local pronunciation, so you have to make up your mind and choose one of them. For example, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is the most used regional Arabic dialect.

However, we recommend Modern Standard Arabic for brand new students, as it’s the official language of the 22 Arab countries.

2.Learn the basics

This step is the base to start your journey in Arabic learning online, so you have to start with the Arabic alphabet. At first, learn the letters, then form these letters into words, then try to put these letters into sentences. And level up your steps by moving to learn more about grammar and syntax.

3.Study and practice the language very well

After building the roots of the language, you need to immerse yourself in study and practice. As it’s said, the best way to learn a new word is to see, hear, write and speak it.

So by this method, you will improve your vocabulary and accent skills. Another way for beginners to practice Arabic is to watch Arabic movies with subtitles. In that way, you can hear the language with subtitles giving you the translation of what you’ve heard.

4. Speak the language

Speaking a language that isn’t your mother tongue is always a challenge, but in the case of Arabic, you need to double the effort.

So it’s crucial to converse in Arabic with people, especially those who speak the native language. Although it can be hard to find a conventional partner, the development of the internet makes it possible. As you can find many groups for students of Arabic online, take advantage of these resources to learn faster.

5. Keep your practice on and always

All of the previous steps are just the beginning of your journey to Arabic learning online. So to master the Arabic language you need years of study, and by dedicating yourself to the practice, you will make an achievement.

Arabic learning
Arabic language classes for Arabic learning online

There are tons of online Arabic language classes and dedicated websites available that may put you in a fix to choose the right learning service organization/ institution to learn Arabic online.

And we here at Bonyan Academy provide exceptional services in teaching Arabic learning online and the best Quranic Arabic classes to students of all ages.

Our expert panel of teachers guides students at every step of learning. It makes Arabic classes for kids enjoyable, insightful, and memorable.

Best online Quranic Arabic courses

The Quran is the Islamic holy book and the source of knowledge and faith for all Muslims, besides being one of the most influential religious texts of all time.

It emphasizes cases like wisdom, worship, and much more, those basic guidelines for a better world for everyone. And you can find this religious text translated into other languages besides English.

But if you want to get the exact meaning and the message of the Quran, you need to read it in the source language, and that’s one of the most important reasons to learn Arabic.

And that’s exactly what Bonyan is for, providing the best Arabic learning online courses with experienced, and well-trained teachers who can guide your journey.

Best practice for Quranic Arabic learning

Quranic Arabic learning
Best practice for Quranic Arabic learning

To master any language you have to start with the fundamentals and once you get the basics of Arabic grammar down, It will help you gradually understand the Quran.

So let me show you the guidelines for Quranic Arabic learning online:

  • Study Basic Grammar:
    As you start learning the Quran in Arabic, the most important thing to study first is basic grammar.

So focusing on learning basic grammar first allows you to get full sentences and start understanding their meaning earlier.

  • Learn the Tajweed:
    Readers of the book must follow specific recitation rules called tajweed as a crucial step in any Arabic learning online guide.

Tajweed helps you to correct mispronunciation of words and know the terminology in the Quran such as Arabic heavy letters and Arabic light letters.

  • Learn Arabic heavy and light letters:

In Arabic terminology, letters that produce the heavy sound are known as the Tafkheem letters. So there are 7 Arabic Heavy letters (خ – ص- ض – غ – ط – ق – ظ)

Some People gathered These letters together into words to memorize them easily which is “خص – ضغط – قظ”. These words have no meaning in Arabic but only refer to Arabic heavy letters. And the rest of the letters except for (ا – ل – ر) are always light and called light letters or Tarqeeq letters.

  •  Focus on Relevant Quranic Vocabulary:
    In the Quran, there are only 300 words that makeup over 70% of the entire book. And if you learn those 300 words early, I assure you you’ll be able to read the Quran quite simply.
  • Practice grammar and sentences:
    You must become very precise with the fundamentals. Once you get the basics of Arabic grammar down, It will help you gradually understand the Quran.

Best website for Arabic learning online

If you are wondering what is the best way to learn Arabic online, you are in the right place. Meet Bonyan Programs, the best website to learn Arabic, with many Arabic language classes for adults, and special Arabic classes for kids of all ages around the world.

At Bonyan Academy you can learn to write Arabic, read Arabic, learn all Arabic grammar, tajweed, and more. Join us now to speak Arabic and recite the Quran like a Native speaker through our best Quranic Arabic courses.

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