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online arabic classes
here are the best online arbabic classes
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It is time to join online Arabic classes, but you don’t know how to start, Right? This article fills that need. I have examined a ton of Arabic study resources, both free and paid, to select the best way to learn Arabic.

There is something for every grade, so whether you are only learning to say hello in Arabic or are prepared to read entire documents in Arabic script, there is something for you.

Before you start with Online Arabic classes

Before starting the online Arabic classes project, you have to get some layout first, so here is what you must do first:

  • Set up detailed goals

You can maintain your drive to study online Arabic classes by having a defined learning objective. The cause is that studying by yourself is more likely to get you bored, especially if you don’t live in an Arabic-speaking nation where you aren’t constantly exposed to the language.

Setting up clear learning objectives enables you to assess your progress over a predetermined amount of time. Just evaluate your current accomplishments concerning the established closet milestone for you.

For instance, if your goal is to learn 100 new Arabic words in 7 days, but by the end of that time, you can only write and pronounce 75 of those words, you have failed to meet your short-term goal. You might need to spend more time studying in online Arabic classes as a result.

  • Start with the basics

It is simple to make the mistake of studying the Arabic script before attempting to learn the language by transcribing words. Consider how we first acquired English in school.

You learn your letters first, then how to put them together to make words, then how to put those words together to make sentences.

Finally, you learn more about appropriate syntax and grammar. Shortcuts will simply cause you to go more slowly.

  • Learn to use the Online Arabic dictionaries 

As simple as this process may seem, it is not. Words are often arranged around three-letter roots in an Arabic dictionary.

You must know a word’s root besides its initial letter, which need not be the same as the first letter of the term. To search it up.

It takes practice to use a dictionary, but the sooner you master it, the better. It will simply improve the experience of the whole thing.

  • Do not depend on Arabizi / Franco Arabic (Learn the Arabic alphabet instead)
you should learn the arabic alphabet first
arabic alphabet is the firstbasic step before learning arabic

This advice was given by Donovan Nagel, who began studying Arabic at the age of 17. In one of his blog postings, he writes: 

“I tried to write Arabic using English letters early on, which was a mistake. Later on, this caused me to experience delays. Why not spend some time learning the alphabet because it’s so simple?

  • Be ready to practice it every single day! 

Finding Arabic school teachers who will guide you in your studies has never been much easier, thanks to the abundance of online Arabic groups. 

Benefit from these resources. You will learn more quickly the more you practice. Watching children’s television in a foreign language is one technique the Arabic school uses for beginners to practice the language.

For new pupils of any age, the easier language tone of those programs can be quite beneficial. Another strategy is to watch foreign-language movies with English subtitles as you gain skills. The subtitles provide the translation for what you’re hearing, helping you develop a better “ear” for listening. You’ll eventually be able to turn off the subtitles while maintaining comprehension of the dialogue.

However, seeing is insufficient. You must engage in conversation with others in Arabic. If you are unfamiliar with native Arabic speakers, it may be challenging to find a conversational partner. Thankfully, contemporary technology may significantly help with that issue.

The best Online Arabic classes 

Bonyan Academy; online Arabic classes taught by licensed instructors
The best Online Arabic classes

If you are looking for the best way to learn Arabic online, you should consider one of these online schools,

  • Bonyan Academy 

A website called Bonyan Academy helps people who are not natural Arabic speakers to study the language online. It offers students of all ages exceptional Arabic instruction services. Teachers assist students at every stage of the learning process. It provides free online resources as well as online Arabic classes taught by licensed instructors.

  • Talk In Arabic

One of the most rapidly expanding internet resources for spoken Arabic dialects is Talk in Arabic. Instead of being an online classroom, it is more akin to a resource bank. It provides resources that independent Arabic students, teachers, and learners can use as they advance.

There are numerous lesson topics available in 8 different dialects. Online Arabic classes provide a wide range of topics, from the very fundamental (such as how to say hello in Tunisian Arabic) to the most specialized (such as how to fix your plumbing in Jordanian Arabic). 

The constant release of new material in several languages often consists of a video (with recently added interactive subtitles), an audio podcast, vocabulary words, transcripts, or instructional notes.

  • Glossika Arabic

A distinctive language-learning platform is Glossika. It employs a natural, empirically supported approach.

With Glossika’s audio-based training, you can enhance your hearing at native speed, whether you are a beginner or an advanced language learner.

What are the alternatives to Online Arabic Classes?

The best way to learn Arabic online can’t be only online schools; you can also find other ways to help yourself with:

1. Find a native to practice the language with

The greatest way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. To effectively learn a new language, a lot of people opt to live abroad.

Even though you don’t live in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or a country like that, you can nevertheless create an environment where Arabic is spoken; by joining one of the online Arabic classes.

You can select a companion to practice conversational chats with rather than traveling to a different country. They could be a member of your family or a group of friends who intends to study Arabic online.

Additionally, you can ask for help by joining a forum or group where lots of individuals have the same interest in learning Arabic online.

2. Free Audio and video resource

Free Audio and video resource for online arabic classes
alternatives to Online Arabic Classes

Here are some of the resources that many people found it useful:

  • ArabicPod101

Everyone can access a ton of Arabic content through this free service. Whether you are an expert or a complete beginner doesn’t matter. The resources you need will be available.

You can test our Online Arabic classes at all ability levels for a full week without paying anything. The more advanced Online Arabic classes with premium content after that do require a fee, but they are well worth it.

  • Easy Arabic

It offers a great deal of context for local culture. The hosts of the Easy Arabic television program walk the streets of Cairo, Egypt, and conduct interviews with locals there.

The best Arabic course available online right now is this one. It’s a terrific method to hear Arabic spoken by native speakers. You’ll learn common Arabic phrases for everyday conversation, which increase your listening skills.

  • TuneIn

On TuneIn, you can hear radio broadcasts from numerous nations that speak Arabic. Check out a few stations based on the dialect you want to learn, and then pay attention to what you find interesting.

  • Language Transfer

A popular Arabic language instruction program called Language Transfer is made for fast learning. It resembles the Michel-Thomas approach.

  • Forvo

Forvo is an excellent resource for listening to native Arabic speakers speak Arabic. It is a reliable source of pronunciation information in a sizable database.


The best way to learn Arabic vocabulary can be found on in a well-organized collection with audio support.

At the end , Are you ready to dip your shoes in the water? We encourage you to take your first steps to learning Arabic by joining one of the online Arabic classes.

Best wishes in your endeavor! Or as you will learn to say in Arabic soon Inshallah “bit-tawfīq!”

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