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Learn Arabic Concept in quran
arabic language in quran
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You probably think that Arabic language is the same everywhere in the world, and no matter the language you use to try to grab a taxi, ask your boss for a day off, or order a sandwich, the outcome is the same. You will get what you asked!
Are you an early starter?

Don’t worry, as we’re going, to begin with:

  • The very basics; the history of the Arabic language,
  • The future of the Arabic language,
  • Can I learn Arabic Alphabet and language easily?
  • What’s inside the holy Quran?
  • And now, finally: Why is it better to learn Quran in Arabic?

The history of the Arabic language

Archaeological scientists know that the oldest proof of accent discovered on earth is a stone script in Iraq going back to 3500 BC; that’s about 6000 years old, can you imagine? And taking into consideration that Iraq is 1000 km away from the place the Quran was revealed, you must acknowledge that the Arabic language is old; in fact, it is among the ten oldest accents  in history, and five are still used languages.
Arabic originates in the south of Syria and the northeast of the Arabian peninsula. In that region, back in 1000 BC, the primitive version of nowadays Arabic was used by a small group of people among different tribes, and at the time of Islam and the Quran, after 1600 years, it spread out to the far west covering an enormous territory of Asia and Africa.

The future of the Arabic language

The future arabic language online
learn arabic in quran is the future

After 1400 years from the birth of Islam and the Quran, 25 countries use Arabic as the official vocabulary, which means every 100 years, two new countries use Arabic as the official language; at this rate, by the year 4000, almost 60 countries will speak Arabic officially, and that’s nearly a third of the planet!!

But if we use the number of people who spoke Arabic 1400 years back and project the future, we will find that almost 1 billion people worldwide will speak Arabic by the year 4000. According to the UNESCO report, over 3000 accents worldwide will be extinct by 2050, but guess which language is among the top 3 languages that will continue to spread?? That’s right; it’s Arabic!

Can I learn Arabic Alphabet and language easily?

According to the USA Foreign Service Institute, the average English native speaker will require 2,200 hours to reach an advanced level in Arabic.
You will think that’s probably a long time and a tremendous effort to make, but I urge you to think about the outcome of your work; you will be able to read and understand the book of God Almighty and follow his instructions with no middlemen.

If this feels like you, give Bonyan Academy a shot, and you won’t be disappointed because they can help you learn Arabic online, even if you want to learn Arabic Alphabet!

What’s inside the holy Quran?

arabic language inside quran
features of arabic langauge in quran

Quran is simply a book from our creator that includes instructions, explanations, and sermons about everything in the world; the following is some of what had in this fantastic book:

  1. The existence of only one creator, “God.
  2. How to deal with your family; a woman should obey her husband, and the husband should support his family
  3. How was the world created?
  4.  The creation of humankind
  5. Why was humankind created?
  6. What are the creatures of God?
  7. The punishments and rewards system.
  8. What happens after death?
  9. The Afterlife
  10. Sermons about people who disobey God and those who obey him.
  11. The solution to the world’s poverty and hunger.
  12. The justice system and equality between all humankind.

Imagine talking to a vampire who has been around since the first man created. How many sermons and stories he has what he has seen, witnessed, and felt?
Now, combine this creature’s wisdom with the knowledge of all scientists and multiply it by a million. The book will probably be 1 million pages long, right?
Allah’s book is just 604 pages, and guess what? It’s PERFECT.

Now! Can you imagine what you will get when you learn Quran in Arabic language?!

Why is it better to learn arabic in quran?

The most eloquent ancient Arabs at that time found the Quranic diction inimitable. They were shocked by the words and phrases inside the Quran, especially when they thought that no one could overcome their eloquence. They knew at first sight that whoever wrote that book couldn’t be human, not to mention that the person who cited those words (prophet Mohamed, peace upon him) was no more than an illiterate man tending sheep all day long for his entire life!!

Quran in Arabic language was the perfect combination to deliver what God intended.

It is indeed a miraculous masterpiece!! And because God knew infinity, he chose to deliver Quran in Arabic, as his wisdom is beyond time and conviction. Still, we must acknowledge that the Quran in Arabic is targeting Arabs at that time. Therefore it must be in their speech.
And as ages go by, you may think that it’s time to leave that old language behind and move on to the next one and read Quran in your Tongue as many translated versions are at reach with one click on the Internet, don’t make that mistake. Otherwise, you won’t understand God’s message’s whole meaning.
These are enough reasons to learn Arabic online or onsite.

Finally, Believe it or not, learning Quran in Arabic language is the right way to understand Allah’s words entirely. Try to learn Arabic online or onsite (learn Arabic Alphabet first), and I can guarantee you that you will find the satisfaction you have been looking for your whole life!


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