Should I learn Quran Online in Arabic?

why it's important to learn quran in arabic
why it's important to learn quran in arabic
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Knowing that the language of the revelation of the Quran was Arabic, there is no doubt that some questions have crossed your mind, especially when you are considering learning this holy boo:
What is so special about this language?
Why was the Quran revealed in Arabic?
Am I compelled to learn a new language from scratch to understand the Quran?
Why couldn’t I just learn Quran Online or Onsite in my native language?
These questions and any others you might have regarding the relationship between the Quran and the Arabic language are totally fine!!
Stick around so I can answer them correctly 🙂

What is so special about this language that I learn Quran in Arabic?

What is so special about learning Quran in Arabic?
What is so special about learning Quran in Arabic?

The Arabic language has many features and advantages that make it unique from other languages worldwide. Among the most prominent of these characteristics, we mention the following:
1- Eloquence:
Eloquence or articulateness means that something is free from defects. And the Arabic language is free of dissonance between words, Weak verbal composition, verbal complexity, and moral complexity.
2- Synonymy:
It is the presence of many words that give one connotation without giving the exact meaning. But rather general meaning, which makes a single word distinct in use from its group, reflected in the eloquence of the Arabic language.
3- Indication of sounds on meanings:
The Arabic word is distinguished by its meaning and significance being understood just by hearing it.
4- The wide amount of vocabulary:
If we look closely at the dictionaries of languages. We will not find a more extensive lexicon of vocabulary in any other language in the world. Consider this fact: Arabic contains 12.3 million words, and English has only 600 thousand words.
5- Mitigation:
In terms of the structure of the word. We find that the Arabic word has three origins (roots), starting with the triple, which is less present in other languages, and the four and the five.
6- Briefness:
It is one of the advantages of the Arabic language over the rest of the world’s languages. And it means that you can make your exact point using a small number of words, or sometimes just one word can mean an entire phrase.
7- Parsing:
Is a descriptive system for the rings of Classical Arabic words, nouns, and present verbs. These rings are fully pronounced in Arabic texts and prominently in the Qur’an, pronounced while reading Quran in public in official texts without all colloquial dialects.

Why did Allah reveal Quran in Arabic?

Imagine that I am trying to teach you about doctrine, social organization, and legislation in a language you don’t understand; that would be absurd and make no sense, right? The obvious answer to why the Quran was revealed in Arabic is because the targeted group of people already spoke that language.
Still, Only God knows the complete wisdom of the revelation of the Holy Quran in Arabic!
No language expert in the entire world can doubt that the Arabic language is enormously rich. In fact, it is the richest language on earth!
One word has several synonyms: “Honey” has eighty names, “Fox” has two hundred, “Lion” has five hundred, and “sword” has a thousand. If you want to describe someone, you have several names and adjectives to choose from, as a single word could have countless meanings.
All of this gave the Arabic language some “superpowers” that were beautifully exposed in the Holy Quran. For the untrained eye, verses may seem short. But make no mistakes, it carries countless meanings, and whenever an interpreter or translator studies a verse and extracts specific meanings from it. After a while he finds out new meanings and messages. And as times and ages come and go, new interpreters find new hidden meanings in the same verse!!

Am I compelled to learn a new language from scratch to learn Quran in Arabic?

Is it easy to learn quran online
Is it easy to learn quran online

God Almighty says in his Quran: “And We surely know that they say, “No one is teaching him except a human.” But the man they refer to speaks a foreign tongue, whereas this ˹Quran˺ is ˹in˺ eloquent Arabic” (An-Nahl 103), “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran1 so that you may understand” (Yusuf 2), “In a clear Arabic tongue” (Ash-Shu’ara 195).

On the one hand, there is no explicit prohibition in the Quran that denies a person from learning this Holy book in his language, but on the other hand, God has mentioned that to understand it fully, you should learn Arabic. Otherwise, you will, most of the time, miss the points God is trying to deliver. Because the eloquence of Arabic is unparalleled, I strongly recommend that you start learning Arabic.
If you are in a place where no Arabic and Quran teaching schools are in sight, don’t be frustrated; try Bonyan Academy for online courses and study wherever you are. Such academies offer online Quran classes for kids and adults, and it will definitely help you learn Quran Online.

Why couldn’t I just simply learn Quran Online or Onsite in my native language?

Even the smallest act carried out toward Allah’s won’t go unrecognized. One of the most incredible things in the universe is reading the Quran. No matter your language, God will surely reward you. Even if you read through the pages of the Quran. When one reads the Quran’s meaning, he or she will undoubtedly receive compensation.
Reading the Quran in Arabic, its original language, is distinct from reading it in translation. To understand the Quran, it is imperative to learn how to read it both in Arabic and in translation. However, you can’t read a Quran translation during prayer (salah). Since it will never be a replica of the original text. In our prayers, we must read from the original Quran. The Arabic text is the written word of Allah. Its location and incentives are distinct. Each letter of it has a reward attached to it.
The Arabic version of the Quran is the only version sent to us by Allah. If you have the English version, you must translate it to understand the meaning. The identity of the Quran in the Arabic language. Allah revealed His Book in Arabic; consequently, translation cannot take its place. A tree won’t grow from seed if we break it up into pieces by altering its original shape and planting it because it lost its properties. The Quran’s verses, phrases, and letters are analogous to seeds; if we translated them into other languages, the Quran will lose its characteristics and cease to exist.

Quran classes Online

If you made up your mind, you can start teaching yourself or your kid the Quran in Arabic. You can simply Google “Online Quran classes for kids”, “Quran classes online” or check Bonyan Academy programs.

I encourage anyone to read the Quran in his language as long as you don’t speak Arabic because your will, even if you don’t reach your goal, God will reward you.
On the other hand, there are plenty of Quran classes online that can help you read and understand Quran in Arabic.
We also encourage you to teach your kid the Quran as there many online Quran classes for kids.
More effort towards God’s instructions will give you more rewards along the way, and whether you did learn Arabic for Quran’s sake or you didn’t, try to live by God’s instructions to get a flourishing life, and what’s more important, to live a forever lasting afterlife with happiness in Jannah inshallah.

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