6 first steps for Learning Quran for kids

6 first steps for Learning Quran for kids
the 6 first steps for Learning Quran for kids
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Learning Quran for kids is very important to keep children healthy, physically or mentally. Especially from their early life, it can help children improve their intelligence, and Allah will always save them.

For that, many Muslim families worldwide put learning Quran for kids as their priority. In this guide, we’ve put together the most effective tips for Quran learning for kids step by step. So you will get all your questions figured out.

What is the best age for learning Quran for kids?

what do you think the best age for learning Quran for kids
the best age for learning Quran for kids

Learning Quran for kids is not limited to a specific age, and you’ve seen children memorizing Quran before six years of age.

The best age to learn Quran for kids depends on the kid’s mental ability. Where you can start once the kid can understand the meaning of words. So it’s preferred to start Quran learning at 3, as it’s the beginning of your kid’s mindfulness.

First steps of learning Quran for kids

Learning Quran for kids should be fun. Do not teach the Quran to young children in a strict manner. Also, Quranic teachers should treat young learners with love, respect, firmness, and gentleness.

And if you are a non-Arabic Muslim parent and don’t know how to start learning Quran for your kids, the following steps are for you:

1. Familiarize your kid with the sound of Quran.

Before start learning Quran for kids, you have to help them listen to the Quran regularly, where you can play an audio recitation of the Quran even for your newly born babies.

While your children grow up, make sure to play the audio recitation of the Quran around them for a few minutes at a time. So that the children can be familiar with the Quran, and eventually, they will be able to read and even memorize Quran easily in Shaa Allah.

2. Explain the meaning of Quran verses and chapters.

You can start with short surahs and try to go over the meaning of the aayaat as simply as possible. Also, make sure to support the explanation with stories to capture your kids’ attention.

The point of all of this is to make the children more prepared to be engaged in learning Quran for kids process without rebelling.

3. Learning Quran for kids through Quranic stories

Allah S.W.T. says: “We relate to you, the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Quran although you were, before it, among the unaware.” (Surah Yusuf 12:3)

Quran has numerous stories, and each comes with a lesson for you and your kids. So you can share these valuable stories with your kids through kids’ books or Islamic cartoon videos. These stories will help your children to have more understanding of the Quran and Islam.

4. Be an example and a role model for your kids. 

Children learn better by watching and imitating others around them, so make sure to be a good example. Show your children how much you love the Quran by Listening and reciting it a few times daily. And eventually, they will follow your lead, Insha Allah. 

And if you are a non-Arabic speaker, it is important for you as a parent to learn how to speak Arabic first, so that you can recite the Quran to your kids.

5. Get a Private Quran tutor for learning Quran for kids.

Having a private Quran tutor for your kids makes it easier for you and your kids to learn the proper Quran. Learning Quran for kids through well trained native Quran tutor will help them to learn the correct pronunciation of all letters of the Quran. 

6. Enroll in online Quran classes for kids.

We at Bonyam Academy offer the best online Quran classes for kids designed especially for them. With the best online programs and certified Quran tutors to learn Quran for kids.

What is the importance of Quran learning for kids?

how important is Quran learning for kids
the importance of Quran learning for kids

There are numerous benefits of learning Quran for kids, and every Muslim parent has to teach Quran to their kids, whatever their environment or any other reasons.

Quran learning for kids instills the love of Allah. 

There is nothing better than shaping your kids on the morals and ethics of the Quran, making them better humans in their later age and on the day of judgment.

Also, learning Quran for kids instills the love of the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him), whose life was only for his Ummah.

Besides, it gives them a better understanding of Islam and the commands of Allah so that the Quran can be their guide to all aspects of life.

Kids will get to know their religion from its origin.

The holy Quran was sent to all humankind as guidance to Islam and its rules. So it is important to learn Quran for kids.

And now, learning Quran for kids has never been easier; you can now take online Quran classes for kids without leaving your house.

Quran for kids guards them on the day of judgment.

Reading the holy Quran is essential for every Muslim for its great benefits. It will help you in the hereafter as it will defend you regardless of the mistakes you might have made.

Learning about the prophet and the messengers of Allah

Kids will learn a lot from the narratives of the prophet Muhammad (peace be Upon him) and the stories of the messengers of Allah. The Holy Quran is full of valuable stories, which is way better for kids’ foundation than other learning books.

Learning Quran for kids makes them closer to Allah. 

The prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. is our role model, so we must follow him and his commands. As he used to read the Holy Quran and follow the commands of Allah, so following him by learning and reading the Holy Quran raises our balance of good deeds and gets us closer to Allah.

In short, we should all make learning Quran for kids a priority, as they are the future of our Muslim community, and our responsibility to guide them to the right path.

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