Complete Explanation Of Quran Recitation Levels

Bonyan Academy intriduces the Complete Explanation Of Quran Recitation Levels
Bonyan Academy intriduces the Complete Explanation Of Quran Recitation Levels
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What are the different levels of Quran recitation levels? And which level of Quran recitation is better?

The Noble Quran is God’s book and the Islamic constitution that contains the words of God, Glory be to Him. This book guides and clarifies to Muslims general and particular rulings, and other things that matter to a Muslim to know about his religion, his Lord, and His Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. 

The importance of the Holy Quran recite is clear to Muslims in this worldly life and the Hereafter.  

The intonation (Tajweed) scholars say that the Holy Quran has levels (ranks) in its recitation, which differ from each other in the matter of speed of reading.

What are the Quran recitation levels?

let's explain What are the Quran recitation levels
let’s explain What are the Quran recitation levels

Quran recitation has different levels, and by levels, it means the ways or speeds of reciting the Quran, so what are they?

1.At-Tahqeeq is one of the Quran recitation levels

This level of recitation means slowness in reciting the Holy Quran. This way of recitation aims to exaggerate in clarifying the words rightly, without adding or deleting anything from Tajweed rules, and it is designed to reach the true meaning of the Quranic verses, pausing on it properly and starting correctly.

This is the doctrine of Warsh mainly, and this level is most appropriate for those who learn at the beginning of the path to be a Quran reciter and become acquainted with the science of intonation and the application of rules.

2.Al-Hadr is one of the Quran recitation levels

“Hadr” in Arabic means descending because speed is a necessary part of it, and it is the opposite of ascending. Idiomatically it is reading with rapid speed without eliminating the rules of reading the Quran, like making them unclear, losing their richness, or shortening the necessary length.

The level of Hadr in reading the Holy Quran is ranked third in the recitations and reading of the Holy Quran, and it is the rank of Imam Ibn Katheer. May God have mercy on him. 

Only skilled scholars and competent people who recite Quran can read this recitation, as it requires mastery of several years and demands a lot of training and attention to get it right.

Anyone can skim the Quran, but the trick is not to neglect any rule of the rules of Tajweed. 

Generally, when learning to recite Quran, students begin with the At-Tahqeeq level, then the middle stage between them, which is At-Tadweer, then the Al-Hadr level, which is the last stage of the ranks of recitation, based on speed.

3.At-Tadweer is one of the Quran recitation levels

The word “At-Tadweer” in language means the mediation between two things. In Quran recitation, this level is the mediation of the speed between the other two levels of recitation (Tahqeeq and Hadr), meaning that At-Tadweer is considered faster than At-Tahqeeq, and less slow than the level of Al-Hadr, which is what most readers do. It is most appropriate for the recitation of The Holy Quran

This level is commonly used because the recitation is reassuring, with the presence of contemplation and meditation, understanding, and benefiting from the goodness of the Noble Quran, its meanings, and sermons.

Which of the Quran recitation levels is the best?

Let's discus Which of the Quran recitation levels is the best
Let’s discus Which of the Quran recitation levels is the best

The science of intonation (Tajweed) is supreme because it is irrevocably connected with the Holy Quran, as it derives its greatness from the greatness of the Quran itself. 

The attachment between a Quran reciter and Tajweed is crucial because it is part of this interdependence between it and the Holy Book of God, and Tajweed is the way of pronouncing the letters of the Holy Quran and giving each the proper letter, and intonation means improvement.

And likewise, the connection between Tajweed and the levels of recitation is very close, and one can not exist without the other. Why? Because every level of Quran recitation, whether At-Tahqeeq, Al-Hadr, or At-Tadweer, must use Tajweed rules, or it will be doomed as wrong.

The Quran recitation levels are an essential part of intonation (Tajweed), and about the best level of recitation, the scholars say that it is in this order; At-Tahqeeq first (The same as Tarteel), At-Tadweer is next and lastly Al-Hadr.

This order of levels of recitation is clear, as you probably concluded, because slow reading is better than reading quickly, as a hurry can often lead to mistakes.

In the end, I pray to God that you benefit from this article regarding the 3 Quran recitation levels and their explanation. As we agreed, start with At-Tadweer first after mastering Tajweed, and everything else will take its place.

But if you find yourself confused, you always have the choice of online Quran classes for Quran recitation; they are reliable, reasonably cheap, and abundant.

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